How to use social media to promote your business ?

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Regardless of the nature and the size of your business, being on social media is highly recommended. Social media aren’t just for big companies, they can help you grow your small business too! In this article, we will explain why it is important to use social media. We will also give you tips for getting started.

Why are social media very important for your business ?

Social media are real levers to communicate with your customers. They allow many messages to be sent quickly and free of charge. And on top of that, your customers can communicate with you too! Through private messages, comments, likes, you give your customers the opportunity to express themselves. Thanks to social media, they can talk to you, so you can create a real community. You can also take their opinion into account to find out what they like and then improve products or services.

Beyond your customers, it’s all the people on social media who are likely to find you and see your messages. You will gain notoriety and be seen by more potential customers. In fact, 78% of companies believe that being on social media is important to stay competitive.

Which are the best forms of social media for your business ?

For small businesses, we recommend using Facebook. It is the most used social network in the world, and you can post all types of messages on it.

Creating a Google My Business page is also a good initiative: it doesn’t require a lot of work because you don’t need to publish. Google my Business allows people who search for you on Google to see your schedules, reviews, photos …

If you want to be on several social media, you can also have:

  • Twitter: It’s a very popular network. However you should always be present, as the posts are numerous and quickly drown in the flood of messages.
  • Instagram: on Instagram, you can only post photos and videos. They must be successful and of good quality to attract subscribers. In order to create high-quality content, you can use the free Mojo app, a photo and video editing tool. Find out more information here: The tool offers Instagram templates and many more features.
  • LinkedIn: this network is intended for professionals and businesses and enables the creation of a network made of professional contacts.
  • Youtube: video is a popular format, but it also takes time and money to make great content.
  • Snapchat: Snapchat is mostly used by young people aged 18-24. Use it if your customers are in these ages!

You have to choose your social media according to your time. If you do not have the time needed to create high-quality content, create a business profile on one or two social media. In order to increase your visibility, you need to post regularly. You can also choose your social media according to your customer base. Between Snapchat and LinkedIn, you will not reach the same audience.

What are the most successful posts on social media?

You have to come up with lots of ideas so that you don’t run out of content. Here are different types of content you can post on your social media:

  • Photos: publish photos of your products, your construction sites, your final achievements, before / after photos … Photos are among the most viral content.
  • Your new products: a new product? Certification? A new recruit? A new logo? Share it!
  • Contests: during contests, many people will share your publications, and you will be very visible on social media during this period, provided that the gain is sufficiently attractive.
  • But also: press articles, tips to help your customers, videos, funny publications (be careful to stay professional!), customer testimonials …