How To Take Amazing Photos From Your Phone

Before smartphones became common, taking good pictures was quite a hassle! You had to buy a fancy camera, good software to edit your photos and a lot of energy and time went in to learn about the techniques to use the camera for good pictures! But with smartphones, this problem is not a problem anymore! 

You can take some amazing photos from your phone if you follow some of the tips below!

Gridline is Important

When you take photos from your phone, turn on the gridlines. This breaks the image into nine parts equally, both horizontally and vertically. If you use gridlines, your photo will be level more balanced and interact with viewers more naturally!

Turn On Camera Focus

When you open the camera application on your phone, your phone will naturally focus on one object; however, if it doesn’t happen, click where you want your camera’s focus. A square or circular motion will appear when your camera focuses on something that should allow you to take some professional pictures!

Allow Some Negativity!

Negative space refers to your photos’ surroundings, which might help take your pictures from good to great! When you leave some empty space in your pictures, it allows making you or the subject of the picture to stand out more!

Different Perspective Is Crucial

If you take photos from a different perspective, you will see that it gives your pictures an illusion of depth or height. Try taking a picture from above, or try to take it from a slightly downward angle to make your photo stand out more!

Repetitive Patterns

Repetitive patterns are very pleasing to your eyes. So make sure to keep an eye out for those if you want some good pictures!


Nowadays, it is not that difficult to take pictures like it used to be. Follow some of the tips given above to get some outstanding photos from your phone!